Will you soon be driving your rental cars on a Solar Roadway?

Is it a look at the future of cars and transportation, or just a silly idea? Could it be an answer to the problem of global energy needs? Is it possible that rental cars — and all other vehicles — will one day move from location to location on Solar Roadways? In the video below from Scott Brusaw, you’ll see a quick overview of this “smart” technology, a radically different driving surface that some say could change the world.

Brusaw’s company Solar Roadways was founded 8 years ago by Scott and his wife Julie, in Sandpoint, Idaho, in the United States. In the next video, Brusaw presents his Solar Roadway concepts and technology with an audience at a TEDx Talk in Sacramento, California, back in April 2010.

In our last video, let’s hear a summary and response to the possibility from Gus Sorola and the YouTube technology show The Know.

So is it a great idea, or just a pipe dream? What do you think about the potential value of this technology? Share your opinion with us — just a comment in the box below!

Jason Dickson is a car rental expert at VroomVroomVroom and hopes that the new Enterprise rental cars actually look like the Enterprise from Star Trek.

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