6 types of people to avoid taking on your next driving holiday!

Going on a road trip? Really want to enjoy it? Then take my advice and DON’T invite anyone who could fall into the following categories. (Especially if they happen to fall under more than one!)

A loud singer in a car#1 – The Over-Confident Tone Deaf Singer

Sure, singing on a road trip is fun – well for the first 30 minutes anyway. Imagine been stuck in a confined space for hours upon hours with someone who thinks they should win The Voice, when in reality they sound like a screeching cat.


Ultimate Road Trip Game from National Geographic#2 – The Player

That one person who wants to make a game out of everything, when you just want to concentrate on driving or resting.


Girl takes selfie while brother screams in car#3 – Kids In General

You all know what I am talking about — unless they’re teenagers, because we all know that their best habit is sleeping.



KnowItAll-MartiSimas#4 – The Know-It-All

No matter what topic you engage in conversation, that person who knows it all will quickly become the person you want to kick out of the car!






Restrooms-MichaelMcCullough#5 – The Stopping Marshal

Sometimes when you need to go, you really need to go! Don’t invite someone who wants to take control of the amount of stops you can have. If you end up with someone like this, then just prepare ahead by having a good pit stop before swap over.



One car with a lot of GPS devices#6 – The GPS Wannabe

Technology is awesome. And yet, people still want to sound smart by saying they know where they are going, when in reality, they don’t. I’ve experienced a driver who preferred to follow the moon instead of using a GPS that was gifted to him for obvious reasons.


Which type of people are the worst? Let us know in the Comments section below! Or, if we missed a person that you just refuse to take on a road trip, tell us who they are & what the problem is!


Tia Hippolite is Content Manager and a car rental expert at VroomVroomVroom.

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