Introducing Michelle – Live Chat Assistant

michelle 1 (rzd)Name: Michelle Peraren

Current Role: Live Chat Assistant

How long have you worked at VroomVroomVroom: 1 year, 6 months

What do you like best about working at VVV?: We have the best manager ever – supportive and understanding and always encouraging us to work hard and never forgets to acknowledge our efforts – and we have the best Chatterboxers ever. We all get along together, like we are family here 🙂

Favorite road trip memory: Travelling to the northernmost part of the Philippines coming from the south with husband and friends.

What’s the most unusual item that could be found in your car (or if you don’t have a car, then bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc)?: Baby diapers

When you’re not hard at work, what can you be found doing? Playing with my baby 🙂

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