Cheap Holiday Destinations 2014

Planning a holiday can be stressful, especially if you have a limited budget. That’s why some people prefer staying at home instead of exploring new places because they think they can’t afford going anywhere. It’s about time that you change that mindset because there are many cheap holiday destinations in the world that will not burn a hole in your pocket and also give you the time of your life!

Forget about visiting Singapore, Paris, or Oslo, which topped the list of the world’s most expensive cities in 2014, based on a research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. There are many wonderful places in the world that are worth-seeing and very affordable too. We at VroomVroomVroom have found some awesome cheap holiday destinations for 2014. Hurry and plan your trip right away whilst the following places are still easy on the budget:

Orlando, USA

Seuss_Landing orlando rz

This city is the perfect family getaway because of its amazing theme parks and kid-friendly attractions including Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. Orlando was included in Budget Travel’s 10 Best Budget Destinations for 2014. I’m pretty sure most of you are surprised to see this in the list, but the city’s hotel rates are down by 7%. Aside from that, most hotels offer free shuttle rides to popular attractions plus small children get free meals. You can also save up on accommodation and food by renting a campervan here and having a barbecue at the campsite.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Penguins of South Africa
Good news to those who have been dreaming of going to Cape Town! The hotel rates in South Africa are down by 8% this year. It was even featured on Fox News’ Best Budget Destinations for 2014. Experience the best wildlife adventure for only $20 by heading to Kruger National Park, where you can go on an exciting animal excursion. You can also go to Boulders Beach, where you can find a colony of adorable penguins roaming freely. There are many budget restaurants in Cape Town that will satisfy your cravings and you can find some of them at the Eastern Food Bazaar and Food Lover’s Market.

Montreal, Canada

parc_jean_drapeau montreal
It’s been said that Montreal is the only city in the world where the sun “rises in the south”; and now you can witness that without spending too much. Based on the Backpacker Index for 2014, the city can be experienced on nearly any budget because of its cheap hostels. Most of the local restaurants also serve affordable food and drinks. Now that your food and accommodation are covered, you can take advantage of Montreal’s free attractions. National Geographic featured some of them, including the Parc Jean Drapeau and Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. If you’re travelling with a group, it is advisable to rent a car here so you can save up on money and easily access hard to reach places.

Metro Manila, Philippines

Are you looking for a cheap place to shop and dine? The beautiful island of the Philippines should be included in your bucket list. There are numerous shopping stalls and restaurants all over Metro Manila that are easy on the pocket. You can even find vendors selling interesting items and something to munch on in every corner. No wonder it was included in Lonely Planet’s Top Value Destinations for 2014. If you want to escape the crowded city, head to Palawan or Boracay, which are known for their pristine beaches and breathtaking views. There are also many budget hotels, cheap restaurants, and local shops in the aforementioned tourist spots.


Also named as one of the Top Value Destinations for 2014 by Lonely Planet, Fiji is the closest thing you can get to paradise. The South Pacific island has been the favourite getaway of famous celebrities including Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott. Aussie actor Mel Gibson fell in love with this place and even bought Mago Island to become his own private resort. Well, you don’t need to be rich and famous to get a slice of paradise. Aside from luxury resorts, there are also budget hotels in the island country. Transportation in Fiji is also inexpensive and efficient. For quick and cheap bites, you can grab something to eat in any of the snack stands located near the road.

Mother Earth is blessed with many spectacular places that are waiting to be explored. We hope that our list of cheap holiday destinations will give you a reason to start travelling again and experience the world! Do you know of other amazing yet affordable places that you would like to recommend to the other readers?


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