“Cheap as Chips” what does it mean?


Ever wanted to know what David Dickinson meant by the phrase “Cheap as Chips”? Well turns out wood chips, potato chips and Indian Rupees (aka: Chips) all have one thing in common… INEXPENSIVE!

So that’s exactly what our Vroom team have provided for you: A “Cheap as Chips” Menu full of low to zero costs things to do all over New Zealand via your cheap car rental (^.^) and with winter on its way, be sure to check out this small portion of the many funtastic attractions/adventures you can do without burning a hole in your pocket.

Get Gliding this Winter at these great Ice-Skating Rinks, or Check out the Thrills in the Big Chill before you take a dip in these Top Winter Hot Spots.

If you’re planning a trip in New Zealand, CLICK HERE to see the full Cheap as Chips Menu, or if you have a suggestion for a great low/no-cost attraction in your area (even outside NZ) leave it in the comments below!

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