Upgrade Your Car In An Instant!

If McDonald’s allows you to up-size your fries, then why can’t car rental companies do that? Not literally though, but upgrade your car into something better for just a minimum amount. We at VroomVroomVroom thought that was an awesome idea so we added a new UPGRADE feature!

The UPGRADE tab will appear on the left side of the page after you click “BOOK NOW”. Before filling in the form below, you now have an option to change your choice of car. You will see our recommended vehicle and the amount that you need to add to snatch that deal. If you like what you see, then let your mouse do all the clicking.

Since our main goal is to make your car hire experience more pleasant, then this added feature will surely help you choose the best vehicle for you in an instant. For example, you may be booking a compact car for 2 days, but the UPGRADE option may find a small SUV for only a few more dollars. No need to browse back and forth, compute how much you need to add to upgrade, and search for cars under the same supplier. It’s like magic!

Please read below for more car UPGRADE details:

  • The vehicles recommended come from the same supplier and fall under the same category.
  • Automatic cars can be upgraded to another Automatic car. Manual cars can be upgraded to any gearbox.
  • The class of the vehicle will be upgraded to a higher class.
  • Higher class cars are excluded from the upgrade because they were used as an upgrade for the lower class cars.

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