Newest Intervention Program to Circulate the Internet

If your employment includes working with a website, then you will be able to utilise the help that is currently being provided for Content Writers with issues.

It’s the new intervention program that is assisting and providing writers with the ability to empower themselves when writing an article, and feel the need to BOLD throughout the content frequently!

Boldaholics Anonymous!

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In our latest SEO meeting, a writer who must remain anonymous presented a content page to the team for review.

If you notice, the number of times that the writer has felt the urge to Bold is extremely high! And it seems to be the same terms that the writer feels the need to Bold!

For some real hard facts about the ‘B’ Word we called on an SEO expert to see what his thoughts where about bolding throughout content pages.Without intervention, it could easily become an epidemic. So we stepped in and introduced the known writer to Boldaholics Anonymous.

Welcome Richard Eastes. Disclaimer – Richard does not confess to being a boldaholic and is purely here to educate those that feel the need to Bold.

Is it important to use the Bold function at all when writing an article?

Yes. Bolding helps emphasise important phrases in your content

Will bolding frequently throughout the content, increase the number of visitors to the page?

No! Frequently is too many bold. It might become distracting to the user. 1-3 bolds per page is fine.

Should you only bold the same search terms, so users really understand what you are trying to rank for?

No. Mix it up! People don’t want to see the same thing bolded over and over. It is helpful for the search engines, to see what your content is about. It’s important not to abuse this as it may look like over optimisation. If you bold to help the user, you can’t go wrong.

What advice do you have to offer someone who is addicted to Bolding?

Boldaholics Anonymous Support Group will say to go cold turkey and not bold at all. I think bold in moderation is the way to go. 1 or 2 bolds in a page is enough.

Here are some examples where we see Bolding in Moderation!

If you feel that this is an issue for you. There is help available. Please disable the Bold function from your Content Management System, until you feel your addiction is under control and you can handle writing an article without having to Bold constantly!

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