Holiday Road Trip – Why these words should NOT spark fear in the hearts of all Humanity

What do you picture when you think of a Holiday Road trip? You’ll either picture a joyful, loving, bonding experience, or a horrible, expensive, disastrous time in a confined space, wishing you had never thought of the idea.

I am here today to tell you, that if you plan well enough, a Holiday Road Trip can be a positive memory for your family to hold onto forever. Here are 3 tips on how to have a successful Holiday Road Trip.

road trip ladies

  1. Do all checks on the car well in advance. As a child we would pile into our Ford station wagon and then our dad would say, ‘I better check the oil’ and then he would proceed to clean the wind screen, check the tyres and have us all frustrated before we even left the driveway. If you have a hire car, make sure you take it for a decent drive before the road trip to ensure you are familiar with it. Doing this beforehand will ensure a great start to your Road Trip.
  2. Pack the car the night before. We all think to ourselves that we will get away early in the morning, before the traffic builds up. Unfortunately we do not realise that most of the city also think of this great plan. If you pack the car the night before, you can be sure to get away earlier than usual. Have breakfast ready in the car for the kids as well in the form of muesli bars and fruit etc. That way you don’t have to stop early in the trip for brekky.
  3. Do some research on the roads you will be travelling and prepare an activity sheet for the family. List possible Landmarks to keep an eye out for and places where you will have a toilet stop or somewhere to eat. If you get the kids involved in organising the activity sheet, you may just prolong the dreaded question ‘Are we there yet’.

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