How to manage a content writing team

System to updating existing content

One of the most under-rated SEO techniques is the updating of existing content pages. Don’t be mistaken, this is very different to adding new, fresh content pages. Unfortunately, with a site with 1000’s of content pages and a small team to manage, it’s difficult to work out what the hell is going.  I developed a system using  spreadsheets to help do this and have shared it here. Here’s the 4 step instruction manual:

1. Download the spreadsheet from here

2. Paste in list of URLs that you want to be in the update schedule

3. In the frequency column, type how many days you want in between updates. Include name of staff member responsible.

4. Instruct each of your team members to update the schedule with the date, each time they make an update.

That’s it! This will then help tell your team how many days they have until they need to do another update on the content they are responsible.

New Content

New content is obviously important as well however, I have a pet hate about how people measure new content. Forget quantity of new pages. Measure then number of unique visits to new content over it’s first 12 months.  That’s not what today’s post is about. I’ll just say that it’s important to measure how well new content pages are doing. Quantity of new content is less important than number of unique visitors the content brings in.

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