Rental Cars vs. Rental Campervans

Planning your road trip holiday is almost as much fun as the holiday itself. Why spoil that fun by arguing over the merits of a rental car and hotel vs. a rental campervan? This article will prove that a rental campervan is the only way to go – no argument!

No more unpack-pack-unpack-pack….

Over the course of a long road trip, the unpacking and packing of a suitcase in a series of hotel rooms will become as tedious the slide evening you’re planning on your return. This vicious cycle of unpack-pack-unpack-pack is averted in a rental campervan. Unpack your belongings in the storage space provided – campervans have plenty of storage space these days – and that’s where everything will stay for the duration of your holiday.

Your money goes further

Your rental campervan is your hotel room and mode of transport rolled into one. Add in the fact that your well equipped campervan has a perfectly functional kitchen for preparing home cooked meals and you’ll save even more money on dining out. By the time you add up the costs of the alternative including your rental car, hotels, restaurant meals, mini-bar prices, hotel parking charges etc, a campervan looks like very good value indeed.

The world is your backyard

Waking up in a generic room in the Hotel Déjà Vu is not the most inspiring way to start a new day. Opening the curtains in your rental campervan to reveal a vista that takes your breath away is a reminder of why you are doing a road trip in the first place. Being able to stop for the night pretty much anywhere you please, whether it’s at the foot of a snow-capped mountain or by the side of a crystal-clear lake, is one of the great benefits of a campervan. Four walls versus Mother Nature? No contest!

Home sweet home…on wheels

The interior of a modern rental campervan is a pretty amazing place. These days, you can expect to find a kitchen, bathroom, satellite television, and every other modern convenience on board. You can also bring along a few added home comforts such as your favourite pillow and bedding. Late model campervans are more comfortable than ever before, with quality beds and mattresses, fixtures and fittings and thoughtful design to make the most of every inch of space.

The novelty factor

A road trip in a rental campervan is a different sort of travel experience. Checking into a hotel is not nearly as interesting. Pulling over in a picturesque spot for a cup of coffee is more invigorating than ambling into a hotel cafe. Waking to the sounds of nature is always more soothing than being jolted from your sweet dreams by the scream of vacuum cleaners in a hotel corridor. The fact that your holiday is guaranteed to be different in a rental campervan rounds out the argument. The rental campervan really is the way to go on your next holiday road trip.

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