Company Rules

RULE 1. Ideas Ideas Ideas

Once a week, come up with an idea to improve the company in any way. eg(improve the office, website, customer surprises, technology, fun time, etc…) Share the idea. Remember, the worst enemy of a great idea is a different great idea so try to make sure all ideas support one bigger idea.

RULE 2. Fail or else.

If you aren’t failing at something, you’re playing it safe. Safe is dangerous. Work on something more challenging. When you fail or do something wrong, put your hand up and let everyone know. You’ll be praised, not punished.

RULE 3. Organise like a Champion

Use private todo lists and shared todo lists.

RULE 4. We’ll review 2 by 2. Hurrah. Hurrah.

Do 2 by 2 reviews. What are you doing well at? How can you improve? What is your boss doing well at? How can your boss improve? Answer these questions. Your boss will answer them too. Compare answers.

RULE 6. Be excellent.

Be excellent to everyone.

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