NSW Set to Bomb in Road Trip Battle

New South Wales has secured a pitiful 6% of votes in a nationwide battle for the title of Australia’s Best Road Trip.  Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is set to take out the title with an impressive 33% of all votes while Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a not too distant second.

The Leader Board: Coming in first at 33%, the iconic Great Ocean Road, hugging the coastline south-west of Melbourne, featuring the 12 Apostles and The Otway National Park.

In second at 19%, The Sunshine Coast Hinterland, north-west of Brisbane.  Featuring spectacular old growth rainforest, quaint mountain townships and more than a healthy dose of both culture and counter culture.

The Loser Board: Currently sitting a sad 6% The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney has proven to be a total dud – much to the delight of the website’s other voters.

Battle organiser Richard Eastes of car rental comparison site Vroom Vroom Vroom said “As a Queenslander, I’m delighted that we’re thrashing NSW – it’s origin all over again!”

Voters have been asked to choose their favourite road trip from six originally nominated by Vroom Vroom Vroom’s regular customers.

The battle hasn’t been without controversy with heated words exchanged by passionate voters on the site’s Facebook page.  Organisers have had to warn users after a flame war quickly escalated into an inter-state slagging match.

“People get very passionate about this stuff.  With NSW lagging so far behind and the competition between Queensland and Victoria stiffening, tempers were bound to boil.” Said Eastes.

“New South Wales people never know how to lose a fight gracefully, that’s the problem…. You think they’d be used to it by now!” Said one Victorian Voter.

There is just 12 days left before one state is declared victorious.  For now, voting continues at VroomVroomVroom.com.au or through the Vroom Facebook Page and one lucky voter will even win an Ipad.

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