How a culture of innovation wins

Ideas For New Technology

Each week, every IT employee contributes an idea to improve our core technology. Out of habit, the sub-conscious brain will be thinking about these ideas if it is asked. Every brain has a good idea waiting to be found. It just needs to be asked.

Improved Customer Service

The word of mouth advertising that can be received from exceptional customer is priceless. Without customer service employees being responsible for leading the innovation of customer service, we’d have pretty average customer service.

Employees that Own.

Money is a need, not a want. Therefore, a salary beyond a need, is not a good motivator. Humans need more than money. Sure, VroomVroomVroom pays decent salaries, but this is more because the company is doing well. After watching thisĀ video on What Motivates you, you may agree that a culture of innovation is a far greater motivator.

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