Results from Usability test

I hired a professional usability tester to make a booking and give feedback. I asked 3 simple questions.

1.Were you able to book and cancel without any issue?

2. If this wasn’t a test, would you have made a purchase? Why or why not?

3. What could have been improved upon?

Here are the results…

(1) Were you able to book and cancel without any issue?

Step 1

very straight forward there was no confusion on what to do. I have inputted my details and searched

Step 2

I would like to be able to sort and filter the results by car brand, if I felt more comfortable driving a particular car for example.

Also a rating from previous users would be very helpful, and maybe a ‘top pick’ from the website which could tell me which is the most fuel economic car (seeing as fuel is one of the most expensive outlay to renting a car)

I like the fact when I hover over the fields I am shown an example of the car.

The sorting by price is very quick and responsive.

I have sorted the result by price and chosen the cheapest rental option

Step 3

everything here is straight forward, the only thing I would like to see on the page is maybe the price in my home country currency, also there is no mention of the next process in terms of paying, i’ve never booked a rental car before so im unsure how and who i pay?? So i would like some information regarding that before i booked


I have booked the car and will now go to my bookings page as this is where I think I would go to cancel my booking

I have logged in to my book and the first button I see on the page is cancel, excellent

I clicked cancel and confirmed, it appears my booking has been cancelled

I have yet to receive an email confirming this, I would like an email confirmation as it seems a bit too easy to cancel my booking and I just want to make sure its gone through

Apart from that, its one of the easiest booking and cancelling systems I have tested, really nice and easy.

(2) If this wasn’t a test, would you have made a purchase? Why or why not?

I would of been happy to make a purchase, though i wasnt too sure how i would pay, and WHO i would be paying, also after booking i was not told what to do in the confirmation email….do i print this out and give it to the rental company when i arrive etc?
That is the only reason why i would of not made a purchase

(3) What could have been improved upon?

More information on cars

  • reviews and ratings of car
  • allow users to sort cars better (4 door, 2 door, AC, etc)
  • categorise the cars into various groups (most fuel efficient, most luxurious)
  • include website reviews telling users what cars are the most fuel efficient, luxurious etc
  • Tell users what the payment process is before and after they book
  • Include a confirmation email to tell users they have cancelled the booking

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