Financial Crisis Hits

The Global Financial Crisis has finally hit home in Brisbane with Young Entrepreneur Nominees David & Richard Eastes having to greatly downsize their assets. The Eastes brothers who operate Car Hire comparison giant VroomVroomVroom have been forced to sell their homes and have taken up living in the boot of the VroomVroomVroom Commodore.

“Its been hard to adjust” says David from the back seat of his new home. “We have been taking turns sleeping in the front seat while the other is in the boot. Richard and I are tall guys so we do get cramped up when in the boot”.
“ Having friends over can be tricky as well as we only have seat belts for 5 people and if we are both home at the same time we have to limit our visitors for their safety”
Richard sheds a different light on the situation “ Its not all bad If Dave gets up early and goes for a Surf I wake up at the beach…and water front property is priceless on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts . I feel like a millionaire.” “ But waking up in a back street in the Valley or the Casino car park isn’t so much fun” David is quick to reply.

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