Mission Impossible (nearly)

So curiosity killed the cat and brought you back here to find out about the suitcase that was on the Gold Coast.

Team VVV lead by Special Agent Eastes made their way down to the Gold Coast to uncover the case and unlock its secrets. First stop Sanctuary Cove where we found our fist clue. We met our contact Agent Travis who advised us to be a quick as we could.

We were given instuctions to make our way via jet boat to Marina Mirage……JET BOAT woooo….it wasnt really that much fun (yes it was). Reaching some amazing speeds and managing to remain kind of dry we arrived at our next destination.
We scrambled to our next meeting point with Agent Travis who lead us through a challenge to earn the next clue.

The challenge was made easier by the intellectual input from Agents Hedge and Callagan (they then took it easy for the rest of the day as they were exhausted). We were then given instructions to ride a push bike to the next destination.

This is were things got a little tricky and the mission was nearly aborted by Agent Travis.
Lets just say we overshot the next destination by about an hour and a couple of Kilometers. Woops!!

After being found we were given another clue to head out on the water by kayak to a near by island where we would have a time period to work out non verbal communication over distance. This is quite difficult without an iphone but our fearless leader Agent Eastes put his superior understanding of communication to work and the message was easily passed on.

From here we were given the final destination and $20.00 and told to make our way back to this location using the $20.00 and firmly told DO NOT GET LOST.

We made our way to the final Check point where the briefcase was within reach. Agent Ranga aka T Cup cracked the whip and got us through the last challenge. All we had to do now was sit back and let the IT Development(NERDS) work out the combination of the briefcase so that we could liberate the goodies inside. Clues were given out along the course that would lead to the code being cracked. I sat right back at this stage as my sorry input would not help.

With a flick of the wrist Agent Callagan cracked the case and the goodies were ours.

We were successful and little sunburnt and a bit wet and we had a great day.

What will our next challenge be……..?

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