Results Bridge to Brisbane

Well as promised here is the post Bridge to Brisbane blog. My fingers are one of the only parts that don’t actually hurt.

Well the day began early with the team meeting at the VroomVroomVroom offices from there we made the trek to the starting line with the other 45,000 people who had entered the race. Standing at the base of the Gateway Bridge it was amazing to watch the front runners pound their way up the first hill followed by the rest of the pack. David Andrew and Zhen decided that the run was the way to go while Jess Vijay and I chose the walk. So with the guys off and racing, us walkers had to wait until most of the runners had departed before it was our turn and then we were off. As we walked we saw the Bananas in Pyjamas and a runner in a gorilla suit and also the first blow up kids pool to finish the race. The runner in the gorilla suit was amazing considering the heat of the day. I just hope he or she finished.

After 1hour and 45mins (approx, still waiting for official results) Vijay and I finished the race the last of the VroomVroomVroom team to do so. Pleased, flushed and feeling a little sore the team then met up at Belle Epoch for a recovery breakfast.
Congratulations team we did really well.

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