Pick-pocketed at a business networking event

This evening I attended a 5 minute speed networking event for young business owners, hosted by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. It was quite interesting. I had the pleasure of meeting about 15 people for exactly 5 minutes each. I made some great contacts. They include…

  • A magician, Jason England who stunned me with an amazing card trick
  • Jessica Spodick who does marketing for a popular show here called “Tony ‘n Tinas Wedding“. We’ve agreed to mention each other on our websites which is great!
  • Some recommendations for international tax accountants which I’m looking for
  • Eric Stephenson was there from Intelligent Office, Las Vegas. VroomVroomVroom uses them for car rental customer service. Very professional.
  • There were many real estate professionals wanting to sell underpriced properties, which there are LOTS of in Vegas. Some houses are under $100,000 and under 10 years old which is amazing. Apparently, renting a property out can pay for its mortgage.
  • Found a possible PA to hire!
  • Several people from PSI education. PSI is a type of emotional education similar to Landmark that seems to be very popular in Las Vegas
  • The guy who invented the Extreme Poker TV Show. He’s a PR consultant who offered to help find a PR consultant who knows the travel industry. He’d also be perfect to help organize a Vroom Vroom Vroom Car Rental Launch Party!
  • You’re probably still reading this waiting to hear about me being pick-pocketed. Well, I got pick-pocketed by a young man named Apollo. Apollo Robbins. Here is how it went down….

Pick Pocketed by a famous thief
When the event finished, I found myself talking to a man named Apollo Robbins. He is a professional thief. I know so, because he told me. His business card also said “I AM A THIEF”. Sounded a bit unusual, so my spidey senses were off the charts. I kept my wallet deep in my pocket and was sure he couldn’t possibly sneak his hands down there.

He explains briefly that instead of crime, he makes a living from live entertainment, a hustle TV show and security consultation. The chat was finishing up as a cute looking friend of his came over. I had never seen her before in my life. He asked her to stand a short distance away with her back to us. Apollo asks me if I still have my wallet. Smugly, I reply “yes of course” and he asks me to take it out. I do and then asks me to take out my credit card. He asks his cute friend to recite my freaking credit card number! She does so without a fault and I wish I knew how on earth they did it. I was very impressed. His website is I Steal Stuff.com where you can see a brief video about him and his thieving skills.


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