Vroom’s hard working staff.

“Together, they work closely to achieve one goal…. to be the best car rental booking service in the world.”

Pictured from left to right. Leah Bradicich, David Eastes, Richard Eastes, Peter Callaghan

Leah is responsible for keeping customers happy and making sure their queries are answered as quickly and thouroughly as possible. She writes Vroom’s popular travel newsletters, travel guides and road trip guides for all over the world. She is well travelled and appreciates the fine qualites of a large shoe collection.David is a database and XML guru who is currently based in a new Canadian office, helping to kick off our North American business. He’s a great athelete who likes to win and enjoys rugby, snowboarding and surfing.Richard’s role is to keep everyone happy, to manage business relationships and to make sure people are able to find the Vroom website when they need car rental deals. He enjoy’s rugby, indoor soccer, new inventions, beaches and organises an online business drinks night in Brisbane.

Peter Callaghan is fresh out of university and is proving to be a valuable asset when it comes to growing the VroomVroomVroom brand using new technologies such as AJAX and his expertise in ASP.NET development. He’s on the verge of being a professional XBOX gamer and doesn’t mind the odd bash of a golf ball.

Peter Thornton (not pictured) runs the UK side of VroomVroomVroom. Being CEO, he is happy to see continued expansion of VroomVroomVroom and uses his extensive experience in the travel industry to ensure this happens. Peter is actually quite good at golf (unlike Peter C and Richard), and is building a collection of trophies already. He is an Ex-pat American, who decided to live in England with his lovely wife and kids.

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