Highest paying Adsense words on Google $$$

Trying to decide which Adsense words will pay the most? It’s quite amazing how simple it is to find the highest paying keywords in google. They provide the tool for free!

  1. Simply visit Googles Keyword Suggester
  2. Choose to “show estimated cost”
  3. Type in $100 in the the maximum cost per click
  4. Type in a single word related to a niche topic you have selected. and
  5. Hit search and sort by cost

As an example, if you type in “weddings” you’ll find the highest paying wedding related word is “wedding websites” Who would have thought?

Don’t just go for the highest paying word. Use “keyword popularity” to see estimated amount of traffic in proportion to other related words. With this technique in combination with http://www.nichebot.com you’ll have high paying keywords coming out your a-hole.

Good luck!

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