Introducing… The Longest Trip.

Also known as Pablo and Paula, The Longest Trip are spanish travellers based in Madrid. Both illustrators looking for inspiration everywhere they go, they travel the world with their little campervan – a self converted VW T3. Pablo and Paula started travelling years ago in many different ways, by car, tent, campervan, and flying out to Asia, the US and most of Europe. For a few years they even lived in China, the UK, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, giving them the possibility to travel around all these locations and discover amazing places.

“We love finding ourselves in remote places, getting lost in unknown corners of the world. A campervan is the perfect way to get lost, that’s why we decided to convert an 8 passenger van into a little house on wheels. Named after Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 song, written by John Mayer, this VW T3 has been in my family forever, and is now living a second life getting us to the most remote places in Spain and Europe.” – Pablo

You can find The Longest Trip on Instagram at @the_longest_trip

The Longest Trip’s Favourite Road Trip Destinations

Our favourite destinations are usually at the end of a twisty mountain road. We enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

  • Switzerland is our top one, there are endless hidden spots to enjoy nature at its best. If you are ever in Switzerland, you can ́t miss visiting Lauterbrunnen – it’s the best place in the world!
  • When we have just a few days off, Cantabria in Spain is amazing too, and just a few hours away from Madrid – we highly recommend it!
  • Our last big road trip was in Iceland, we spent 10 days driving around the island, and we would have needed another 100 days to just start getting to know the whole country. It is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful and different places we’ve been. We will definitely go back very soon.

The Longest Trip’s Road Trip Must-Haves

  • Canned food, that is definitely a must, but not just any food, Santoña anchovies, pickled sardines from the north of Spain, olives and a good bottle of wine.
  • A lightweight camera and a good blanket to enjoy a good drink outdoors, watching the sky.

Tips for People Renting a Car

We have had to rent cars and campervans on many occasions – everywhere we couldn’t get our campervan. We would recommend purchasing insurance so you don’t need to worry about anything, and just enjoy the trip. Also, just rent a car the size you need, the smaller it is, the less you ́ll have to pay for fuel. You ́ll be able to travel further and drive through narrower, more interesting roads.

The Photo They Are Most Proud Of

From our collection, this is our favourite photo. It shows the beauty of Madrid and captures our happiness when facing the unpredictable B-roads with Walt Grace, our campervan. It was a sunny day and we took an empty trail. When we were an hour away from the nearest village, the darkest storm arrived, but prior to that, an incredible rainbow appeared just above our van.

You can find The Longest Trip on Instagram at @the_longest_trip


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