Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

There are so many amazing places to explore all over the world, but the only problem is not having enough moolah to book a flight, hotel or rental car. Travelling does not need to be expensive if you know where to go and how to spend your money wisely. We have asked some of our travel blogger friends their favourite budget destination. They have also shared some money-saving tips, including how to find a cheap car rental. Find great rates on rental cars and start comparing deals at VroomVroomVroom for your next trip.

Gran Canaria, Spain

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Gran Canaria is the third-largest of the Canary Islands and situated around 150 km off the northwestern coast of Africa. It is often referred to as a continent in miniature – the island has a dramatic variation of terrain with a rugged coastline in the north and golden sand dunes in the south.

The best way to discover Gran Canaria’s natural diversity is by renting a car and exploring the rural mountain landscapes, tranquil villages and coastal towns in the north by yourself.

The island is widely accessible and has many scenic roads along the coast offering stunning viewpoints along the way.

Car rental in Gran Canaria is generally not expensive. However, you may save big time when either scoring some early-bird discounts by reserving a rental car prior to your trip or using local services once you’re there. In most places in the southern part of the island (e.g. Agüimes, San Augustin, Maspalomas, Mogan), you’ll find local rental companies that will make individual packages depending on the duration of your stay.

Contributed by: Lena Braun of Lena On The Move

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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When I think of budget-friendly holiday destinations, I think of SouthEast Asia. While it can be expensive to get to (depending on where you’re coming from), once you’re there, the prices can’t be beaten. And a great place to start in SouthEast Asia is Thailand. City-lovers will adore Chiang Mai, with its great intersection between old world charm and a young hip scene. While the cost of accommodation is cheap across the board, if you’re staying more than a month you can save a ton of money by renting a furnished apartment (think: $250/month); here’s my step-by-step guide on how to rent apartments in SouthEast Asia.

If you prefer tropical beaches, there are many islands in the south of Thailand, each with a different flavour and mini-culture. I like Koh Phangan, and when I go, I stay on the quiet north side of the island around Srithanu (again, renting an apartment for $300 or less/month).

Once your digs are paid for, food is dirt cheap and utterly delicious, and transportation is easy; simply rent a scooter and be on your way (but please wear a helmet!).

Contributed by: Nora Dunn of The Professional Hobo

Slovakia, Europe

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My favorite budget destination in Europe is Slovakia. This central European country has a lot to offer, from top ski resorts to mountain retreats, amazing spas and a plethora of beautiful castles. It is an ideal country for road tripping and the prices – especially outside Bratislava – are extremely low. I’ve booked rooms for less than €25 several times and have rented family cars from Bratislava airport (50min from Vienna) for €10/day more than once.

Slovakia is a paradise for nature lovers featuring virgin forests and amazing national parks. Especially High Tatras, a famous among hikers and climbers alpine mountain line which is part of the Carpathians with multiple peaks above 2000m, scenic lakes and pristine wildlife.

What is the best time of the year to visit? Depending on what you want, Slovakia has something to offer for every season. Snowy winters, majestic springs, cool summers and colorful falls.

Contributed by: Chris Kamberis of Trip & Trail

Marrakech, Morocco

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We all love to save money on our travels. I would recommend visiting Marrakech, Morocco as one of the cheapest places to travel.  The ancient Rose city is located at the foot of the Atlas mountains just on the doorstep of Sahara desert.  The city of Marrakech will capture your heart and curiosity with its intricately designed and colourful buildings and potteries.  The fusion of Berber and the Nomadic Arab cultures are a great mixture and foundation of Marrakech’s history.

As well as Marrakech’s rich history and culture, the city attracts millions of tourists as one of the cheap destinations to visit near Europe and around the world. With its budget-friendly hotels, car rentals and transportations. If you are planning to drive around Marrakech and nearby cities, make sure to drive on the left side of the road as they have the right-hand drive vehicles. Take extra precaution too on driving as some roads are challenging.

Contributed by: Ryazan Tristram of Everything Zany

Marrakech, Morocco

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Marrakech is not just a cheap destination to visit. What we love about this city (and Morocco) is that it offers an exciting culture shock but only a short flight away from Europe. The highlight of Marrakech is its walled medina with narrow winding lanes, horse and cart transport, the smells of aromatic spices, colourful goods piled up in local souks, historic architecture and delicious food cooking around every corner. Before visiting Marrakech, we thought we had to fly all the way to Asia to experience these sights and smells.

Marrakech is perfect for those travellers looking for a budget destination. As we’ve already said, if you’re coming from Europe then flights are short and inexpensive if you opt for one of the several budget airlines.

Accommodation comes in many forms but our tip would be to book into a traditional riad via Airbnb. For just £20 a night we stayed in a beautiful riad on the edge of the medina.

To keep food costs to a minimum we recommend trying all the delicious street food on offer. From sizzling kebabs to savoury/sweet pastillas, it’s all good! And come nighttime, make sure to dine at one of the many cheap restaurants that set up in the main Jemaa el-Fna square.

When it comes to quenching your thirst, don’t look for alcohol in this Muslim nation. Instead, opt for a freshly squeezed budget-friendly orange juice at one of the many juice stalls or drink like a local at a traditional teahouse. We loved the mint tea and at just £1 a glass you can enjoy more than one!

There are plenty of museums and landmarks to visit but Marrakech is such a fascinating place to wander its streets for no cost whatsoever. But make sure you take a map or you’ll never find your way back to your room in this maze-like city!

Contributed by: Darren and Shelley of Finding Beyond

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