Must-Have Gadgets and Accessories According to Travel Bloggers

Planning to travel the world? You might want to stock up on new gear for your next trip. Take it from these top influencers who have earned enough miles to know the essential gadgets and accessories to pack when travelling.


Contributed by: Jarryd and Alesha of NOMADasaurus

The one piece of tech we never travel without now is our GoPro HERO7, which for the price, versatility and size may be one of the best cameras on the market. GoPro have been innovating their products year after year, but the new HERO7 has some amazing usability features that push it above anything they’ve ever released before. The inbuilt image stablisation is seriously phenomenal, and now you can walk, run, bike or jump while shooting video without the need for a gimbal. The SuperPhoto mode stitches together fantastic HDR photos so you barely have to edit anymore, and of course it shoots in 4K with up to 60FPS, or 240FPS at 1080p – great for slow motion clips. Plus the camera itself is waterproof to 10m, so it’s almost indestructible. Perfect for any adventure in any destination.

Manfrotto Mini Tripod

Contributed by: Clelia Mattana of Keep Calm And Travel

I am a very simple traveller and I can live out of nothing when on the road but when it comes to travel gadget for my work I am prone to spend a lot of money! Set aside for the basic and obvious gadgets such as my MacBook Air, 2 power banks with 3 USB ports each, travel adaptor (duh!), mobile phone, DSLR camera… I can’t travel without my mini Tripod with the rotating sphere from Manfrotto, perfect for taking some timelapse videos of sunsets (especially when you can also see the city lighting up!). It is super sturdy and the quality is awesome. I mostly use it with my mobile but it can be used with my more professional Canon 6D.

Another travel gadget I couldn’t live without is my new GoPro! I love the sea, snorkeling and scuba diving so I pair my now two GoPros (I already had a Hero 3+ Silver and now the Hero 5+ black with stabilization) with the underwater filters. They are a real life (and time) saviors! Finally no more awful green flat footage underwater to fix, but beautifully defined and real-life colors. To keep all these gadgets and accessories organized I bought the GoPro Case which is large enough to fit both of them, the underwater cases, filters, spare batteries, chargers, and the tripod. PERFECT!”

Packing Cubes, Powerbank and Leatherman Wave Multitool


Contributed by: Sofia Machado of Sofiana Australia

Using packing cubes makes packing easy, organised and above all avoids overpacking! Think about the packs as your drawers at home, you know exactly what’s in each drawer and you go straight there. Its the same with the packing cubes, you know whats in them so you will not be spending ages looking through your whole backpack trying to find the socks. Overpacking is one of the biggest issues for most travellers. Limiting what you pack by choosing a packing cube for each category can really help you manage this. I know that one large cube is enough for all my clothes. If I buy a new item and it fits in the cube, I can take it with me. If not, something else has to go – it’s brilliant!

Any blogger and traveller knows how much we rely on power. We need it for our cameras, laptops and iPads, phones, drones you name it. To get all our gear ready you must have power and that’s not always easy to get when you are on the road. Powerbanks were one of the best inventions! Just slide one in your backpack and everything will be ok for a while. Make sure you choose a high quality power bank that enables you to charge what you need. If you are travelling by plane remember you can’t chuck your powerbank in your luggage. It needs to be in your carry on, alongside any other battery.

The Leatherman Wave has 17 tools that are perfect for any trip, especially if you are considering a road trip. It includes sharp knives and saws, tiny, yet sharp scissors and double-headed micro and large screwdrivers for fixing everything from sunglasses to ski racks. The flip-out pliers are the best feature of all. It fits nicely in your pocket and its comes super handy in so many occasions.

Mobile Phone


Contributed by: Mervin Marasigan of Pinoy AdvenTurista

A mobile phone is one of the most basic necessities that I always bring whenever I travel. As a freelancer, blogger, and a frequent traveller who is “always on the go,” I consider myself as a heavy mobile phone user. I use it for apps such as hotel booking apps, Google maps for directions and to update my friends and followers in my social media accounts. I also use it in taking photos, listening to music during long drives, browsing the net and to stay connected to my family and friends back home. Whether I’m travelling around the Philippines or abroad like my favorite cities such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul, or Tokyo, a good mobile phone that can handle and process several tasks in a single time is worth the investment. It’s an essential travel companion and definitely a must have on my travels.


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