Four Spooky Halloween Road Trip Ideas

Planning on a road trip this Halloween? If you are looking to hit the highways to seek out the supernatural, there are plenty of roads across the US that will deliver. Here are some of VroomVroomVroom‘s spooky road trip suggestions…

California’s abandoned ghost towns

See towns forever frozen in the 1800s in the desert of California. A road trip through these isolated towns provides plenty of thrilling Halloween experiences.

One of the more popular ghost towns is Bodie. It’s a historic mining town that grew rapidly once gold was discovered in 1859. The town is to the east of the Sierra Nevada mountains. There are no services in Bodie, giving visitors the true sense of isolation. The empty general store and the slowly decaying buildings are great for exploring. You can learn the haunting stories of the families that once lived in the town.

In the Mojave Desert, the ghost town of Atolia suffered a similar fate to Bodie after the closure of its mines. With creepy abandoned buildings, and some visitors even claiming to hear shouting in the abandoned town, it is an ideal Halloween destination.

While you are exploring California, escape the quiet ghost towns at Death Valley Junction, where you can visit the Amargosa Opera House.

Bodie ghost town, California

Stay in one of America’s most haunted homes in the south

There are many stories of haunted hotels around the country. In Louisiana you will find the hotel that claims to be one of America’s most haunted houses.

The Myrtles Plantation has history dating back to the 1700s. The legend of a ghost girl named Chloe appearing in the windows took off after she appeared in the background of a photograph. Learn more about Chloe and the fascinating history of the house when you visit the plantation. The plantation is located over 30 minutes outside of Baton Rouge.

Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana
Image courtesy of Amanda Deville, Myrtles Plantation.

See the sights of the Salem witch trials this Halloween

People around the world are familiar with the witch trials that occured in Salem. While a wave of panic spread over Massachusetts in the 1600s, several women in Salem were convicted of witchcraft and were hanged. The trials lasted until 1693, when the remaining people accused were released from prison.

There are sights all over Salem where you can experience the history of the supposed witchcraft in the area. Visit the Salem Witch House, see a re-enactment of the 1692 witch trial at the Witch Dungeon Museum. Take one of the in-depth tours as well so you can experience the history of Salem. If you’re planning on a road trip to Salem this Halloween, you will find the city about 40 minutes north of Boston. 

View of the Salem Witch House


Watch out for aliens on Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway

The highway that started rumours of UFO sightings and numerous conspiracy theories is a quirky way to spend Halloween.

Explore the sights of the highway as it lines the fringes of the mysterious Area 51. In the town of Rachel, visitors will be able to fully immerse themselves in the alien theme. Enjoy a meal at the Little A Le Inn, which serves up alien burgers. The town is also home to the Alien Research Center.

Nevada's Extraterrestrial Highway

Looking for new, spooky-tacular thrills this year? Since Halloween is just right around the corner, make sure to check out some amazing celebrations across America. Also, find out which city in the USA is the best place to celebrate the spooky day here.

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What are your plans for Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below.

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