The 7 Hardest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License – a VroomVroomVroom Infographic

At VroomVroomVroom, we love to hear from our rental car customers. A question that comes up every so often is, “Is it harder to get a license to drive in New Zealand than it is in Australia?” Or, “What about the United States? Is it very hard to pass a driving exam over there?” So to answer those questions and several more, VroomVroomVroom car hire expert Giannina Pacheco created this cool infographic about the 7 hardest places to obtain your license to drive!



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Do you know any other countries with more strict learner driver assessment or you have other things to add? Feel free to give a comment below.

Giannina Pacheco is a Digital Marketing Assistant and Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. She has also written about the Best Train Journeys in the World.

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